The Jazz Angle

In mid-2015 we produced our first album including

some of our then-favorite jazz standards –

all written between 1928 and 1993.

Luke Clebsch was our bass player at that time, and we recorded

guest appearances by our dear friends

Slyde Hyde, Andrea Lindborg and Joey Bradley.

Richard played producer, and we recorded and mixed

the project with Charles Brotman at Lava Tracks Studios

in Waimea during April, May and June of 2015.

The album is available now at

as well as other music Richard has produced.


Jesse, Richard and Brian were part of another, earlier "band" –

called the Slippersons – and we released a new album of jazz originals in 2016,

which was a finalist for the 2017 Na Hoku Hanohano Award

in Hawaii for Jazz Album of the Year!

Special thanks to writing collaborator and music director

Peter Weinstock and mixing wizard Tom Rothrock.

Click on the cover below to learn more.  

Mahalo nui to everyone who made that possible!

In May of 2018 our "big band" released a live album of mostly originals,

recorded in a Seattle sound recording studio set in a beautiful church building…

click on the cover below to find it on Bandcamp.


The second Red Water Trio album

is entitled Synesthesia!

The album was released in August,  2021 – and was a finalist for

the Nā Hōkū Hanohano Jazz Album of the Year Award!

You can listen anytime if you like on Spotify and other

music distributors (search by name),

and/or you can get your own (digital) copy for ONLY $7 at

We even have a few old-fashioned CDs if you contact us directly.

Thanks for encouraging us!


We had the opportunity to create the theme music for a superb public radio program

on PRX, called Truth, Politics & Power,

with Neal Conan (RIP), previously host of

"Talk of the Nation" on NPR

(among other things).

R.I.P.  Neal

Mahalo for supporting independent and live music.

FYE – We made some informal recordings of our Friday night performances,

and if you're interested you can hear a few of them,

edited to include just the music with no other adjustments.

It sounds like we're in a restaurant…which we were!

Put it on when you're eating at home alone…you'll feel like you went out.

Check us out at: